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Who we are

Altavia Adventures is Altavia’s corporate investment fund. We take minority stakes in BtoB technology start-ups with a recurring business model – SaaS or Marketplace – in retailtech and close to our expertise in communication and commercial activation.

We invest in start-ups seeking to raise seed or series A funding and co-invest with other investment funds.

Our raison d’être is to identify new business models and technologies for publishing, marketing, retail, communication, point of sale and packaging.

  • Our expertise enables us to support visionary entrepreneurs, while preserving their autonomy.
  • We develop synergies between our portfolio and the Altavia Group’s subsidiaries.

we are particularly interested in investing in the following 5 fields:

GreenTech / CSRTech

For developing CSR sustainability in publishing, printing, POS, merchandising and packaging.

Data et AI for retail

Start-ups that enhance and personalize the customer experience using artificial intelligence and data.

VR AR 3D motion design

Platforms for the creation, management, personalization and distribution of digital assets and augmented customer experience.


For marketing execution and creating commerce. Intermediation platforms, marketplaces and disruptive business models for the communications sector, creation for the commercial sector and marketing for the retail sector.

Digital Retail

For packaging, publishing, POS and merchandising.

our portfolio

our team

Laetitia Gazel Anthoine

Sarah Gaïsset

Thomas Sillé

Delphine Smadja-Aïdan

Stuart Becker

our team

Laëtitia Gazel Anthoine

Thomas Sillé

Sarah Gaïsset

Stuart Becker

Delphine Smadja-Aidan

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