About Altavia AdVentures


Our mission is to invest in start-ups and develop synergies between the Group’s business.

core business

Identifying start-ups aligned with Altavia’s know-how and expertise and embracing Altavia’s strategy.


Being one of Altavia’s innovation tools in terms of detecting both new technologies and new business models.

international dimension

Embracing an international approach to serve all of the Group’s BUs and achieve an
international deal flow.


The Adventures mission is clear and meaningful where our start-up ecosystem and our partners are concerned.

investment thesis

Altavia Adventures is the Altavia Group’s corporate investment fund.
Our raison d’être is to identify both new business models and new technologies in the fields of publishing, marketing, retail, communication, POS and packaging.

Our mission is to invest in companies with strong potential for growth in our areas of expertise.

Altavia’s know-how and expertise enable us to support pioneering entrepreneurs while at the same time maintaining their freedom and independence.

We support start-ups whose mission is to create more sustainable solutions for the publishing, retail, POS and packaging industries.

We strongly believe in creating mutual and shared value, and we want to give as much back to you as you give to us. With this in mind, we adapt to your needs in order to grant you bespoke access to our best experts and a targeted selection of the group’s business units.

We invest in early stage seed and series A start-ups.

We are open to co-investment with other VCs and can be the primary investor.

We invest solely in start-ups that generate recurring business (BtoB, Saas and Marketplace) and are in keeping with our Altavia ecosystem.

Want to raise capital with us?

Don’t hesitate to contact us to submit your application.