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Green Retailtech as strategic tools for transformation 

Social and commercial standards have evolved, retail & brand companies are now at a unique moment where they are in a position to have a significant impact on the environment and where consumers are increasingly looking for meaning and sustainability in their purchases. Now, sustainability is a key to business success. A green transformation has a positive effect on the planet but also in a commercial way towards a sustainable economy.


A greenretailtech is a company that offers an innovative solution to improve the environmental impact of businesses or consumers

In this white paper, we will focus on B2B Startups greentech which are close to retail or either B2B retailtech which are green. These startups are strategic tools to help guide and support companies and retailers in their green transformation.

GreenRetailTech A Growing Market

Investments in green technology start-ups are considerable: 73.6 billion euros have been raised in the United States over the last five years. Europe is lagging behind with “only” 23.2 billion euros raised over the same period. .

Paradigm shift a urge of transition 

Global warming is an urgent problem leading to climate change and resource depletion. There is an urgence and a need to change. 

Consumer willingness

Consumers have realized that it is with their purchasing power that they have an impact. Their credit cards are their way of influencing companies in their activities. In 2020 according to a research did by IBM “nearly 80 % of consumers report that sustainability is important for them”. “57 % of consumers surveyed worldwide are willing to change their purchasing habits to help reduce negative environmental impact.”According to Greenprint, “Nearly two-thirds (64%) of Americans are willing to pay more for sustainable products“.

Upgrading of companies

Companies are now obliged to meet customers’ expectations and to comply with regulations. Companies are taking this into account. According to a study did by IBM, 53% of organisations surveyed consider environmental sustainability to be one of their top priorities in three years’ time, compared to 39% today.

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Nochichi – A new brand and communication media-creation model

Nochichi – A new brand and communication media-creation model 584 639 Altavia Adventures

Nochichi, the content creation platform created in January 2021 by Matthieu Carillon, intends to establish itself as a fairly-priced, high-quality alternative targeting businesses that traditional agencies can no longer satisfy. A new model, discovered and supported by Altavia Adventures.

What was your background prior to creating Nochichi?

I started at Havas as a publicist before working at BBDO for several years. In 2015, I created the agency Refresh, which I sold onto Dragon Rouge, one of the largest French branding agencies, in 2017. I then became managing director of digital branding, a position I held for 4 years. At the end of 2020, I decided to embark on the creation of a new model: Nochichi.

How did this new entrepreneurial project come about?

The fact is that advertisers’ need for brand and content creation has never been so great, but at the same time they have never asked for so little help from traditional agencies. Why this disenchantment? The lack of adaptability and responsiveness of agencies and their very expensive fees, which are too often unclear. Advertisers’ preferred alternative is to use freelancers directly through dedicated platforms. A way of reducing costs and saving time. But finding good profiles is not easy and managing to coordinate them within the framework of a project can prove complicated. So I started thinking about another way of offering agency services and making it work, resulting in the launch of Nochichi January 2021.

Nochichi is designed to be simple, quick and efficient. What is this new format based on?

Nochichi is based on a hybrid model: the idea was to keep the consulting, project management and support aspects, which form the core of the solution and the business, but, in order to be able to offer more competitive rates, to draw on very senior-level – and very expensive – freelancers in phase 1 of a project while phase 2 is handed over to the 100% Nochichi junior-level creative profiles who are responsible for roll-out and implementation.

We use a flat fee payment model, with packages according to the client’s identified needs. In the branding sector, for example, a client can opt for the Logo package, the Logo + Naming package or the Logo + Naming + Identity package, and so on.

Nochichi currently comprises 2 project managers, 2 creatives, and yourself. 

Exactly. Not forgetting our network of senior-level freelancers and our partners, some of whom are shareholders, who work in video production, digital production, photography, etc.

Which businesses have already called on your services?

We work alongside start-ups that have raised capital, but also Tag Heuer, RTL Adconnect, the Moulin Rouge, France TV, etc. Our client portfolio is very diverse. Our goal in 2021 was to structure Nochichi, roll out solutions and test the model. In 2022, we will be concentrating on the acquisition of new clients. We need to test our model on a larger volume of projects and fully industrialise it to be able to continue to offer the fairest prices.

How does your partnership with Altavia work?

We work with several Altavia entities, such as Disko, Altavia Cosmic and Palace, in the Retail Design sector. The goal is to work in harmony and position Nochichi as an alternative choice to the usual model of group agencies.

We are delighted to welcome Nochichi into our portfolio. Nochichi offers an innovative alternative to traditional agency models and provides us a strategic insight into a completely reinvented business model.
Nochichi addresses a target audience that is complementary to Altavia Group customers’.”
Altavia Adventures

Untie Nots – Revolutionising promotion and loyalty with Artificial Intelligence

Untie Nots – Revolutionising promotion and loyalty with Artificial Intelligence 768 841 Altavia Adventures

Founded by Zyed Jamoussi and Cédric Chéreau, two experts in RetailTech, Untie Nots aims to transform retail in France and internationally by making “one-to-one” promotion effective, relevant and fun.

What if we looked at promotion differently? What if there was a solution to make it more intelligent and personalised? More digital, more effective. And more profitable. The start-up Untie Nots has taken a serious look at this issue, combining strong business expertise with cutting-edge AI. At the heart of the solutions the start-up has developed for retailers – specifically food retailers – are ultra-personalisation and gamification. “Promotion and loyalty lack effectiveness and are hampered by an increasingly rigid framework, whether it be the legal framework or ecological issues which are increasingly limiting paper printouts”, explains Cédric Chéreau. Untie Nots offers a new way of looking at them, in the form of ultra-personalised challenges that truly match the customer’s shopping habits.” 

The Loyalty Challenge solution, offered as a white label

Untie Nots offers retailers and brands a platform for promotional personalisation through data. Customers can take part in ultra-personalised and gamified challenges that reward them for increasing their loyalty to brands and retailers.

Baptised Loyalty Challenge, this white-label solution allows each retailer – or supplier – to integrate it into their own system. “It’s possible to present Loyalty Challenge to consumers in different ways”, explains Cédric Chéreau. It can be a promotional programme, a new advantage within a loyalty programme or a promise of unbeatable pricing”.

The Carrefour Group thus offers its customers the “Fid Challenge” as an integral part of its loyalty programme. Every first of the month, personalised challenges are launched for one month, allowing each customer to win up to €50 in a prize pool. 

Untie Nots: high-Tech DNA

Data scientists, data engineers, software engineers, retail CRM experts… Untie Nots is a team whose DNA has always been very Tech, composed today of about thirty people. A valuable and distinctive characteristic that allows the start-up to offer a tool that is both very flexible and very robust, and helps the company to retain its open and friendly atmosphere as it evolves. ” We love sport, cinema, algorithms, poke (a Hawaiian fish salad), music, and chouquettes!” (Choux pastry treats often dipped in chocolate) their website explains. The tone is set!

International expansion

Although the Untie Nots adventure began in France, the start-up has always known that its ambition would carry it far beyond. In Europe, first of all. The solution has just been rolled out with Carrefour Spain with the help of Altavia Iberica.

The conquest of the United States is also on the programme. “The core of our strategy today is to set up an office in the US and to conquer the American market by addressing local food distributors directly”, says Cédric Chéreau.

Meet Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, Managing Director of Altavia Adventures

Meet Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, Managing Director of Altavia Adventures 430 430 Altavia Adventures

In January 2022, Laetitia Gazel Anthoine will celebrate her first year with the Altavia Group. It’s been an exciting year at the head of Altavia Coach – now Altavia Adventures –, where this CentraleSupélec engineering school graduate remapped its scope and mission, alongside Sarah Gaïsset, Delphine Smadja and Thomas Sillé. 

As the fifth of six children, Laetitia Gazel Anthoine wanted to carve out her own path very early on, and always liked to decide how her life would turn out. After several years spent at the mobile operator Orange, at the beginning of the mobile Internet, in 2007, Laetitia Gazel Anthoine created Connecthings Paris. In 2015,she moved to New York with her husband and four children to develop the North American market. The company, renamed HEROW in 2018, is a Location Intelligence SaaS platform for mobile applications leveraging location data and AI. The company raised €17 million from European VCs and was acquired by Xerys in March 2020. 

An opportunity not to be missed

It was through the intermediary of Daniel de Botton, owner of HEROW’s premises in Paris and a member of the Altavia Group’s board of directors, that Laetitia Gazel Anthoine got to know Raphael Palti, Founder and CEO of Altavia. Over the course of 5 years, Palti would be a member of HEROW’s Strategic Committee. “In 2020, I sold my company to an investment fund and returned to Paris. Raphael Palti asked me to join his Group and take over the management of Altavia Coach. This time, I had to be on the investors’ side… and I really liked this challenge! “

“Scouting” startups close to Altavia’s core business and supporting them

Laetitia Gazel Anthoine took up her new position on 4 January 2021 and Altavia Coach became Altavia Adventures in March 2021. A fresh dynamism gradually brought the renamed entity to life.

The team, rounded out by Sarah Gaïsset, Delphine Smadja and Thomas Sillé, was tasked with detecting startups with high growth potential, in Altavia’s fields of expertise. This means creating new business models or technologies for publishing, marketing, retail, communication, point of sale and packaging… with the common goal of creating more sustainable solutions for these industries, and identifying startups and then investing in them (always in a minority), by providing our expertise. It’s this highly specialised approach that makes the difference. “It can also happen that a startup attracts our attention, but is already too mature or isn’t looking for investors yet. In that case, we welcome it into Altavia’s Startup Community, whose dynamism is an interesting source of inspiration for our BUs”.

It’s the financial investment, but also the synergies that the Group will have created between the startups and its customers, that will contribute to the development of the companies identified. When the time comes, Altavia Adventures will sell its shares, hoping to have provided the Group with sources of inspiration for future innovations or partnerships and to have contributed to enriching its image with clients.

Participating in the transformation of the Altavia Group

In addition to accompanying and supporting startups, Altavia Adventures’ mission is closely linked to the Group’s transformation in a rapidly changing world. “We have an important and exciting role to play in Altavia’s transformation, by accompanying and confronting it, for example, with the emergence of new and inspiring business models, such as subscription or marketplace business models”.

Atavia Azur digital

Altavia communications group announces the creation of a joint venture with Azur Digital, a consulting firm based in Dubai.

Altavia communications group announces the creation of a joint venture with Azur Digital, a consulting firm based in Dubai. 2560 1707 Altavia Adventures

Altavia, the leading Retail Marketing Service group, has created a joint venture with Azur Digital, a consulting firm specializing in omnichannel transformation for retailers and brands, thereby strengthening its presence in the Africa & Middle East region.

Founded in 2013 by Stéphane Paraiso, Azur Digital is a pioneering e-commerce and digital marketing consultancy and omnichannel customer experience specialist. Based in the Africa & Middle East region, Azur Digital designs and implements tailor-made strategies, linking physical and digital channels to boost sales and optimise customer lifetime value. Azur Digital’s teams provide end-to-end support for all aspects of their clients’ digital transformation: e-commerce, digital marketing, loyalty, CRM and data-driven marketing. 

The firm advises and supports leading retailers, shopping centre operators and conglomerates such as Carrefour, Sephora, Virgin Megastore, LVMH, Emaar, Fawaz Alhokair Group, ABC and IBL.

By joining forces with the Altavia Group, the leading Retail Marketing Service group present in 45 countries and established in Dubai since 2015, Azur Digital will be able to draw on the skills of the group’s network of agencies (including design, web & app development, content production, digital marketing and campaign management…), access new markets and accelerate its growth.

For its part, the Altavia group, which holds a majority stake in this joint venture, is expanding its digital and omnichannel consulting expertise in the Africa & Middle East region.

Altavia and Azur Digital share the same values of trust, humanity and commitment, serving the quality of customer relations of leading brands and retailers and their performance. Through this joint venture, Altavia and Azur Digital aim to create the reference one-stop-shop for the entire Africa & Middle East region.

According to Raphaël Palti, President and Founder of Altavia, “With Azur Digital, we are strengthening our strategic consulting capabilities and offering end-to-end support for the omnichannel transformation of retailers and brands. Together we will accelerate the digital transformation of our retail clients in order to help them develop ever more fruitful relationships with their customers and thus improve their performance.

Stéphane Paraiso, Managing Director of Azur Digital said: “Joining the Altavia group at this pivotal time when digital transformation has never been more crucial is a great and exciting development for Azur Digital. Altavia’s wide range of offerings, its vast client portfolio and its presence in 45 markets, offer us a fantastic opportunity to grow and serve our clients in a more holistic way. Together, we can create a truly global omnichannel consultancy, capable of addressing all the digital needs of retailers and brands across a wide geographical and service spectrum.

Martin Mirmand, Managing Director of Altavia Middle East adds: “By joining forces with Azur Digital, the Altavia Group in the Middle East is gaining a strategic range of digital consulting and services that are more relevant than ever to our clients. By adding Azur Digital’s talent, methodology and clients, we can now offer a truly unique and holistic range of consulting, design and project management services dedicated to brands and retailers across all touch points of the customer journey, both on and off line.”


Azur Digital is the pioneer consultancy specialising in consumer business digital transformation and omnichannel customer experience in the Middle East and Africa. Azur Digital helps brands introduce new customer propositions seamlessly blending digital and physical channels to increase sales and customer engagement.
The Consultancy provides expertise in e-commerce, digital marketing, loyalty, CRM and data-driven marketing. From strategy development to solution design, delivery management and advisory across technology, operations and organisation, Azur Digital’s consultants guide and accompany clients’ transformation projects end-to-end.
With more than 100 projects executed since 2013, Azur Digital has a unique track record of successfully digitising renowned market leaders in record time. The firm advises some of the largest retail groups in the Gulf, Levant and Indian Ocean.

Live Shopping Altavia Shoppermind

Live Shopping : le phénomène de consommation débarque en France

Live Shopping : le phénomène de consommation débarque en France 1920 1280 Altavia Adventures

Une étude réalisée par Altavia ShopperMind avec OpinionWay

Connaissez-vous le ‘live shopping’, cette technique de vente en ligne qui permet aux utilisateurs des réseaux sociaux d’acheter en direct des produits présentés par un vendeur dans une vidéo diffusée en streaming ? Encore peu connu en France, le live shopping est en passe de devenir la nouvelle technique d’achat à la mode.
Altavia ShopperMind, l’observatoire des tendances de consommation du groupe Altavia a mené une étude avec OpinionWay, pour sonder l’intérêt que portent aujourd’hui les Français à ce phénomène commercial d’ores et déjà très puissant dans d’autres pays du monde, comme la Chine.

28% des Français ont l’intention d’y avoir recours dans les 6 prochains mois

L’étude d’Altavia ShopperMind montre que l’intérêt des Français, et en particulier des jeunes Françaises, pour le live shopping est prometteur. En effet, après définition, 24% des Français affirment avoir déjà entendu parler du phénomène, et 27% de ceux qui n’ont jamais utilisé le live shopping affichent un intérêt pour celui-ci 37% des Français expriment l’intention de se renseigner sur le live shopping et, enfin, 28% d’entre eux ont l’intention d’y avoir recours au cours des six prochains mois.

Un mode de vente qui séduit particulièrement les femmes de moins de 25 ans

Le phénomène semble attirer tout particulièrement les jeunes femmes (moins de 25 ans). Elles sont en effet 52% à afficher un intérêt pour le live shopping et 49% à avoir l’intention d’y avoir recours dans les 6 prochains mois.

Un phénomène dont l’intérêt dépasse le seul contexte sanitaire

Comment expliquer la manifestation d’un intérêt aussi fort envers le phénomène ? Outre le fait que c’est un mode d’achat globalement jugé comme innovant (69% des Français) et pertinent dans le contexte de crise sanitaire (70% des Français), il cumule également les vertus d’être pratique et facile d’accès. Il ajoute également une dimension événementielle qui augmente l’attrait de ce type de vente.
Ces caractéristiques se retrouvent dans le diagnostic opéré par les jeunes femmes interrogées : pour plus de la moitié d’entre elles, le live shopping leur inspire confiance, s’adapte à leurs besoins, leur fait gagner du temps et contribue à améliorer l’image qu’elles se font du vendeur.
Pour le commerçant également, le live shopping est une aubaine, car il est une nouvelle façon de tisser des liens avec son client, et lui permet d’élargir sa zone de chalandise à un périmètre international. 

Une marge de progression importante

Peu de Français sont en mesure de donner spontanément une définition du Live Shopping : 87% d’entre eux déclarent en effet n’avoir jamais entendu parler de ce mode d’achat. De plus, le recours effectif au live shopping demeure limité : 3% des Français y ont déjà eu recours au moins une fois.
La génération Z, entendue comme la population des moins de 25 ans, fait exception : 6% d’entre eux ont déjà eu recours au moins une fois au Live Shopping ; et ce pourcentage monte à 9% pour les jeunes femmes de moins de 25 ans. Ainsi, ces dernières ont fait usage du live shopping 3 fois plus que le reste de la population.

Un phénomène installé en Chine

En Chine, le développement du live shopping a surfé sur le développement massif du live streaming qui augmenté de 183% entre 2019 et 2020. Ce phénomène, né en Chine, pourrait suivre le même chemin en France à l’heure ou l’ensemble des pratiques digitales se renforcent.
En conjuguant l’émotionnel et la performance, le live shopping s’installe comme une pratique de consommation à très fort potentiel de croissance en France. 

*Étude quantitative réalisée en ligne pour ALTAVIA par OpinionWay les 3 et 4 février 2021 auprès de 1007 Français âgés de 18 ans et plus.