Braineet : collaborative innovation and internal innovation management platform

Braineet : collaborative innovation and internal innovation management platform 1800 1350 Altavia Adventures

Altavia is working every day to help brands and retailers to create a long-lasting and sustainable link with clients. In this perspective, the group recently forged a partnership with the startup Braineet, founded 4 years ago by Jonathan Livescault and Pierre Gourlaouen. Its speciality: supporting companies with collaborative innovation.

« And if…»

Braineet supports companies with collaborative innovation, focusing on two key themes:

– Co-creation involving customers and the company;

– Co-innovation within a company, this time making use of ideas put forward by the staff.

“The users have access to a platform on which they can share ideas, based on a sentence which always begins with “And if…”, which is our hallmark” explains Maximilien Costet, Key Account Manager.

“And if McDonald’s introduced a home delivery service?” asks Alexia. “And if there was a free WiFi service in the Paris Metro?” suggests Virginie. The company concerned can then reply or issue an evaluation label to show where the idea currently stands within the innovation cycle: “Idea being studied, in the process of being implemented or already implemented”.

“And if Auchan added a section at the entrance to the stores containing all the products nearing their expiry dates?” suggested a consumer who was then immediately supported by hundreds of others.

Two weeks later, the supermarket chain implemented this idea in its stores. The result: millions of euros saved and far less waste.

“A year ago we had five clients and today we have more than 50”, states Maximilien Costet. “We deal with the SNCF, Crédit Agricole, Michelin, La Française des Jeux, Renault and many more. All of these companies need collaborative intelligence to innovate more effectively”.

Creating a long-lasting and sustainable link with clients

The benefits for the store chains and brands are many and varied:

  • Innovating more quickly, and with less risk;
  • Forging a strong link with clients and gaining their loyalty: “It’s a very positive thing for a company if it’s able to project the image of a business which listens, an innovative business, keen to co-create services which improve the customer experience” explains Maximilien Costet. For internal use, it makes staff feel valued and builds loyalty
  • Gathering user data: “When a private individual registers on Braineet, he enters his age, his gender, his profession and his location”… adds Maximilien Costet. “Combined with intelligence derived from the ideas themselves, this information enables us to provide companies with analytical and strategic reports”.

Expansion in the United States

The startup raised 1 million euros in April 2016, enabling it to develop more quickly: from 5, the team has increased to 25. And the number of customers has risen too. “We firmly believe that a world leader will emerge in the collaborative innovation sector within five years”, continued Maximilien Costet. “Our goal is to make Braineet THE go-to resource for a person who has an idea he would like to share”.

As well as its idea collection platform, Braineet should also be developing activities covering “analytical and strategic reports” and “training for in-house project initiators”. However, the next step is the opening of an American office in the autumn! “This new adventure will be welcomed by many of our clients”, stressed Maximilien. We deal with Unilever, Michelin, Air France and many others… who all need to gather ideas from an American audience and identify other innovation sources”.

How did the Braineet startup come about? 

Several years ago, Jonathan Livescault was in an underground car park with his father. They found it impossible to find a parking space without driving endlessly up and down the rows. “It’s a shame they don’t have green and red lights above each parking space to show whether it’s free or not!” said Mr Livescault snr. The two men tried to make the idea a reality but the first was in his first year of business school and the second was a dentist, so the project was abandoned. It’s a fact that there have certainly been more dynamic entrepreneurs than these two!

4 years later, Vinci deployed this concept in its car parks.

When Jonathan Livescault found himself immobilised following a ruptured cruciate ligament, he remembered the story: 4 years had been lost between the moment the idea was mentioned for the first time and its eventual implementation by a group! Why not seek to bring together consumers with good ideas and brands seeking innovation? And so it was that Braineet was born.

Teeps : engage, activate, transform

Teeps : engage, activate, transform 2000 1333 Altavia Adventures

Teeps creates and manages Ambassador programmes for brands. A brand new concept, presented today by Sonia Zarowsky, who co-founded the startup along with Fabrice Berger-Duquene.

What are the Ambassadors’ tasks?

There are several types of activity:

  • First there are, personal product recommendations. For example, a very good customer of Décathlon or someone who is passionate about diving might recommend a personalised selection of equipment to a particular beginner who doesn’t know what sort of thing to go for. It might be an online recommendation but could also be offline, in which case the Ambassador and the customer would arrange to meet up at a sales outlet.
  • Ambassadors are also asked to produce content (photos, videos, tutorials…). Off on a diving trip to the Maldives? The Ambassador will take selfies under the water, will recommend the diving mask through his or her own social media, adding a link to the product sheet… Here, the aim will be to recruit new customers in the Ambassador’s circle, in the knowledge that he or she isn’t necessarily an influencer, with 10,000 followers. What is important here is to rebuild a relationship of trust, an authentic connection between the brand and the customer, using the Ambassador as the driver.
  • One of the objectives might also be to answer any questions that customers have on given subjects or to coach someone who could become an Ambassador.

What is the reward for each task that is accomplished?

The Ambassadors can exchange their points, which they collect in a kitty, for physical rewards (gifts), experiences (taking part in events) or vouchers.

In addition to the technological expertise used to provide Ambassadors with the platforms that they need to implement an Acquisition, Loyalty or Communication strategy, Teeps can also co-ordinate and motivate these Ambassadors …

Co-ordinating and motivating ambassadors can be very time-consuming for a brand and takes a particular expertise. We can take on this task, thanks to our dedicated team and send out a weekly newsletter for example, featuring brand news, new products or tips and training content to help the Ambassadors accomplish their tasks as successfully as possible. We are also in touch with the most active Ambassadors on an almost daily basis.

What other expertise does the startup offer? 

We grow communities on fertile ground provided by shared interests! Previously, brand content would all be delivered through what were essentially websites full of content; these days it needs to be on social media. For Aramisauto for example, we created the Facebook page “In the car, Simon”, to bring together car enthusiasts. The engagement rate of our communities is around 20%. The idea is to use the audiences and the data generated to reconnect with consumers online and give them the opportunity to become Ambassadors for our partners or generate traffic for them.

Who are your main clients? 

In addition to Aramisauto, we have also started projects with Kyriad Hotels and Bréal – from the Beaumanoir group -, Cosmétique Active and Sanoflore. We are about to start working with La Redoute, Cosmétique Active – a subsidiary of L’Oréal – in Spain and Germany and then there are others we can’t mention just yet… We are quite flexible in terms of industry; we can adapt to any sector! We could even envisage setting up schemes within companies that the employees themselves would be Ambassadors of.

What are your thoughts on the recent partnership with Altavia?

Teeps has developed a highly innovative solution, a new type of marketing advocacy based on consumers. Altavia customers should find this online and offline approach an interesting addition to traditional acquisition and loyalty solutions.

UntieNots: 100% personalised digital offers to replace mass promotions.

UntieNots: 100% personalised digital offers to replace mass promotions. 1517 709 Altavia Adventures

“Thanks to artificial intelligence, UntieNots is revolutionising loyalty and promotions in the world of retail.” Here are ten things you need to know about the Parisian startup which recently partnered with Altavia.

The ambition

UntieNots uses artificial intelligence to ultra-personalise promotions and loyalty programmes in bricks-and-mortar retail.

The solution

The solution can send millions of web pages, including personalised promotional offers, to its client retailers’ individual customers. “We use an algorithm to identify the affinities between brand products and customers, and calculate an expected spend on each of these brands or categories”, explains Cédric Chéreau, the young company’s CEO and co-founder. “We offer professional deals, which invite individuals to spend a certain amount during the month to unlock a reward.” Shoppers playing Loyalty Challenge receive load-to-card coupons and play “gamified loyalty challenges” to earn personalised reductions on their favourite products.

The two founders

Cédric Chéreau et Zyed Jamoussi viennent tous deux du monde du conseil et du retail analytique. Ils ont Cédric Chéreau and Zyed Jamoussi both come from the world of consulting and retail analytics. They spent 15 years working for French retailers like Carrefour and Auchan, but also for European and US clients.

The birth of a great ideaonne idée

We identified a huge gap between bricks-and-mortar retail – hamstrung by mass promotions in which everyone is offered the same products, all the time – and e-commerce players like Amazon, which are going all in on ultra-personalisation”, says Cédric Chéreau. “Netflix and Spotify users all browse a different interface tailored to them. Personalisation really has made it as far as consumer habits.” 

Today’s clients

Who is the core audience? Supermarkets, and first and foremost the food sector. Several trials were conducted in 2017 with Auchan France and the omnichannel version of UntieNots was rolled out across the company in March 2018.

Tomorrow’s clients

We’d like to get stuck into other sectors such as specialised retail: Séphora, Leroy Merlin, Fnac, and so on”, says Cédric Chéreau.

Cross-border expansion

UnieNots is also carrying out consulting projects (data, personalisation) with retailers in countries like Argentina, China, Brazil and Canada, and deploying the solution internationally is very much a short-term goal.

The American challenge

“The next challenge will be to break into the US market,” says Cédric Chéreau. “We want to open our first office over there because working with American retailers and growing our business in the States is hard work without a local footprint”.

Daily life

The startup currently employs eight people and recruitments are expected in the coming weeks! “We’re proud to have hired a varied team with complementary skill sets, all expert and passionate in their fields. We love sport, cinema, algorithms, poke (a Hawaiian fish salad), music, and chouquettes!” (Choux pastry treats often dipped in chocolate), their website explains. This sets the tone. “For a small team like ours, aiming for such ambitious goals, it’s important that we move forward as a close-knit unit, sharing affinities and values”, stresses Cédric Chéreau.


Altavia and UntieNots recently decided to join forces. “We offer genuine technical expertise, in a specific field,” says Cédric Chéreau, “and thanks to our size we can be really agile when it comes to doing deals. Through Altavia, with its international prestige, we can tap into a broad network of clients. As a group it has a genuine capacity to listen to innovators, which is unusual”.

Ubiq Social and Altavia Cosmic: already three successful collaborations

Ubiq Social and Altavia Cosmic: already three successful collaborations 1626 813 Altavia Adventures

In February 2017, Altavia acquired a stake in Ubiq® as part of its strategy to strengthen its Social Media offering. This start-up has created an SaaS Social Media optimisation and management solution for chain retailers. This investment is already bearing fruit one year later, with Ubiq® and the Altavia Group through Cosmic, one of its agencies in Paris, already completing three collaborative projects.

The founders of Ubiq®, CEO Nicolas Vouland, and COO Richard Maupas agreed to talk to us about these accomplishments.

Can you introduce Ubiq for us, briefly?

Richard Maupas: We founded Ubiq® in 2014. Ubiq® created the idea of “Social-to-Store”, since we help retailers make the most of local social communities with the aim of bringing foot traffic into stores and growing their businesses. We provide a double solution, with a service dimension: overall management of social networks, social media strategy, community engagement, advertising campaigns, and software to coordinate the social media accounts of franchises and chain retailers in local customer catchment areas using our platform.

How did the collaboration between Ubiq and Altavia Cosmic begin?

R.M.: We came into a context that required a multi-functional solution. In the retail sector, Social-to-Store is an up-and-coming demand that is continually growing and Ubiq® has already asserted its legitimacy in this area. In fact, the CEO of Cosmic, Sydney Palti, included Ubiq® in the leading brand and retailer operational strategy for their sector, starting in the middle of the second half of 2017. We have collaborated with them on three client projects.

Can you talk a little bit about these projects?

R.M.: We worked for Philips Lighting, the professional arm of Philips lighting products, with the goal of engaging the electrician community. We worked very closely with Sydney: going out and engaging with this professional target audience over Facebook. That may seem surprising, but independent tradespeople use Facebook a lot, for both professional and personal reasons.

What action was taken to capture this audience on Facebook?

R.M.: We implemented a strategy to reach French independent tradespeople working in the electrical sector through the Philips community. This operation, which was rolled out throughout France, with advertising campaigns and a contest, was overseen entirely by Cosmic and Ubiq®.

Nicolas Vouland: We also joined Cosmic in creating a Social Media strategy for the Ateliers Pros Orange, Orange’s professional workshops. Orange organises these meetings in its local agencies, offering training for tradespeople who want to learn how to use social networks to boost local businesses.

What was your scope of action as part of this operation?

R.M.: We managed location-based advertisements for each agency, keeping to the training calendar set by Orange. This campaign was launched at the end of the year, and will mostly take place in 2018.

In terms of positioning, the approach is very important. In the telephony sector, there is a lot of competition for B2B targets. In fact, the strategy Orange is using in its Pro Workshops helps meet the demand from tradespeople for social network trainings so that they can reach out to customers and local prospects.

What was the third project you worked on?

R.M.: Just recently Ubiq® and Cosmic have started supporting Habitat in the management of its Facebook communities on two levels. First of all, we’ve taken over the organisation of the brand’s pages worldwide, whereas they had previously been managed non-centrally.

N.V.: We set ourselves the goal of consolidating the Habitat community on a global level, bringing together the fans that make it up while also make sure that each page was able to keep its independence in terms of editorial style.

R.M.: The second phase of this project gets at the heart of Ubiq® business areas, rolling out local pages that are associated with different Habitat points of sale using our SaaS Social Media management platform, which Cosmic will use on a daily basis.

What upcoming projects do you have in 2018?

R.M.: Given how complementary our areas of expertise are, Cosmic has been asking us regularly to help them flesh out their Social Media proposals. Our 2018 schedule is already quite full, but it’s going to get even more intense. We’d like to collaborate like this with other Altavia Group agencies, and we’d like for them to embrace our technology as well.

Now, more than ever, Facebook is an essential part of retailers’ local Media & Marketing mix!

Altavia puts capital in Ubiq® and reinforces the group’s Social Media offer.

Altavia puts capital in Ubiq® and reinforces the group’s Social Media offer. 800 800 Altavia Adventures

As part of the reinforcement of the group’s Social Media offer, Altavia acquires a stake in UBIQ®. The startup specializes in the management and the optimization of chain retailers’ Social Media strategy.

The governance of social media strategy and the generation of traffic through local social media communication initiatives has become a major stake for all retailers. In order to help the group’s clients deal with these key issues by offering them the most relevant social media solutions, Altavia takes a minority stake in Ubiq® through the Altavia Coach Strategic Ventures fund.

“Ubiq® and Altavia group share the common DNA of serving chain retailers”

Ubiq® is a Social-to-Store platform which enables brands and chain retailers to manage and feed each point of sale’s social media account according to the brand’s marketing strategy and generate in-store traffic.More than 2500 points of sale are already equipped with the platform, which manages more than 2 million fans and a monthly reach exceeding 30 million people.

“Ubiq® and Altavia group share the common DNA of serving chain retailers and their specificities,which require to manage the challenges of homogenizing the communication within the same network, while letting autonomy and creativity be expressed locally, “says Astrid Baldelli Noizat, CDO and head of Altavia Coach.

Altavia wants to let the founders of Ubiq® the autonomy they need to ensure the good development of the startup.

“Ubiq® today realizes a part of the startup’s turnover thanks to the agencies,” says Eliott Tischker, Director of Participations. We encourage the founders to continue and develop their collaborations with all the agencies. “